Shipping Policy

Our hearts go out to everyone, as we are all affected by this unprecedented uncertainty.  In these rapidly changing environments, we believe that communication and transparency are key, and we want you to know what we're doing to smooth the curve.  
In order to ensure that your package is delivered and received correctly within the time advertised by us, please ensure that your address is filled in correctly and that all relevant and/or necessary information is included.  Using the correct abbreviation, street number, building or apartment number, and route information (if applicable) is critical to ensuring timely delivery.  If the address information you provided at the time of purchase is incorrect or incorrectly entered, we are not liable for any lost, misplaced or misdelivered goods.  
We will deliver the goods to the Po box through the general Post Office.  However, the post office box does not provide urgent transportation service.  We may choose another carrier and reserve the right to change the carrier at any time.  
For international transport, the goods will be imported on behalf of the consignee/buyer.  The consignee has to pay taxes in addition to the payment.  
Please note that orders may take 1-12 business days to be sent to destination, from the shipping date and not necessarily from the order date, depending on the delivery method chosen and the final destination of the order.  
When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information.  
For domestic and international orders, we will use USPS or UPS to ship to most locations.  We may choose other carriers to meet our transportation requirements.  
Your final shipping charges will be shown at checkout.  
While we will make every effort to meet your shipping and billing preferences, in order to protect our customers, we reserve the right to require customers to use a "common" shipping and billing address or to verify the shipping address provided if we are unable to process an order.  
In addition, we reserve the right to define and limit, reject and/or cancel customer orders at any time for the following reasons:  
An irregular or excessive return history indicates "wardrobe";  
Items damaged, changed, washed, damaged or lost, return records are not standard or excessive;  Or,  
Potential fraudulent or criminal activity.  
Also, reserve the right to restrict, refuse and/or refuse returns (in-store and online) to any customer or entity for similar actions described above.